I know you, I used to be you…

You’re married.

You’ve got a kid or two. (Or you’re thinking about it.)

You work hard and want a good life for you and your family.

The weeks and months are flying by.

One day you decide to check in on your debts. After all, you’ve been paying and paying and paying.

Dang! Our debts aren’t going anywhere! (Grumpy face)

Searching for good news to make you feel better you look up your savings and investing accounts.

Ugh, not as much there as I would like.

Maybe it’s not a total disaster, but it could be so much better.

You bring up money with your spouse. It’s awkward.

Maybe you both agree that things could be better, but aren’t sure how to approach the situation together.

I get it.

(It will be okay.)

You haven’t done anything wrong, there’s nothing to feel bad about. But, it is time to get started.

We used to spend money like we were rich and it made us poor.

Then we started paying attention, tracking our spending, paying off our debt, and growing our net worth.

You should totally try it!

Here’s how…

Pick the one thing you’d like to see some progress with and start there.

  1. Get out of debt faster
  2. Track your spending and create a budget
  3. Track (and grow) your net worth
  4. Talk about money as a couple

You can take the first step today and still be in bed by 10:30!

We will get to the rest later, just take the first step for now.

What you will find here

We keep it simple and easy.

You’ll find resources, blog posts, and podcast episodes about getting out of debt, tracking your spending, creating (and sticking to!) a monthly budget, and tracking and growing your net worth.

The basics are all we offer. Which should be good news to you if you’re just starting to pay attention.

No need to feel intimidated or in over your head here!

What you won’t find here

You won’t find complicated stuff about advanced investing, real estate, or taxes.

Again, we stick to the basics. 

We get you from totally lost to totally in control.

After you have a plan for your money you can move on to the higher level stuff.

But the basics will always be important.

Who are these people?

I’m Derek! I write all the stuff you see here.

I also write a monthly money column for INK (a division of The Kansas City Star).

I’m in charge of the weekly money challenges over at Rockstar Finance.

I’m a brand ambassador for my favorite budgeting tool Tiller! (I’m obsessed with it. You should totally check it out.)

You’ll see my wife Carrie every now and then too. (Mostly on the podcast.)

Carrie is a professional voice over actor, you may have heard her voice on TV or the radio!

We’ve got two little girls who basically run the show if you know what I mean.

How can I get connected?

I highly suggest joining our Facebook group. It’s mostly just a bunch of fun that also happens to help you focus on and make progress with your money.

I’m on Twitter

You could like our Facebook page too

You could email me <myfirstname> At howdoimoney.com

Probably the best thing to do is sign up to get emails when a new post goes live here on the site.

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