Money saving recommendations and money management tools.

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Tiller – Monthly Budgeting Tool

Tiller is an online tool that automatically pulls your banking transactions into a Google Sheet. You then quickly and easily categorize each transaction to build a budget and track your spending.

I’m obssessed with Tiller. I use it myself for our monthly budget, our debt snowball, and to track our net worth.

Can also be used to work a debt snowball plan, create a savings plan and track your net worth.

Cell Phone: Republic Wireless

I’ve been with Republic Wireless since 2015. Love the phone, love the service, LOVE my monthly bill.

Personal Capital: Money Management Tool

I use Personal Capital to track our net worth. (Along side Tiller… I track by hand with Tiller and then use Personal Capitals automatic tracking to double check it. The ultimate double-combo!)


Digit – Save Money Without Thinking About It.


Digit automatically saves money for you into a savings account that you can access anytime. Sign up here or read my full review.



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