Worried about money? Do this…

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I’m a worrier.

I worry way too much.

Sometimes I worry about money.

Sometimes the worry is so strong it damn near paralyzes me.

The worst part is, worrying makes whatever I’m worrying about worse.

About two years ago we were running low on cash. My worry meter was at a 10. Panic mode. Not fun. At all.

Being self employed means I can’t just avoid, ignore, or blame a co-worker for anything. You can’t just wait for your next paycheck either. You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Anyway… We were running low on money. (Okay fine, we ran totally out! It was our first year being self employed and were learning all the harsh realities of being rookie business owners.)

I was paralyzed.

I couldn’t lift a finger.

It was Carrie who saved us. In 30 days she created and sold a program for voice actors from scratch that got us back on our feet and moving forward. (She’s my hero!)

When things get out of control and start getting bad I just sort of stand there and hope the plane doesn’t crash into the mountain when what I should be doing is anything.

Well, not quite just anything. You’ve got to do almost everything right to succeed in business.

Doing almost anything is better than worrying.

I’ve found that once you start moving, you start feeling better. Once you start feeling better, you move even faster. Progress starts to show up. Solutions start to appear.

Next thing you know you’re 20% in. You can see the scope of the situation. You can see what you need to do next. You start to believe you can handle it after all!

You’ve replaced worry with action!

It works every time.

If only I could remember this truth sooner rather than later when I start to worry about dumb shit that I could easily handle if I just jumped in and started rockin’!

The best part? When I replace worry with action fixing whatever’s broken is almost always easier than I thought it would be. It’s never as bad as I make it out to be in my mind.

Worried about money? Replace worry with action.

It works.

Go get ’em tiger!


P.S. Here’s a podcast episode that Carrie and I did on this very subject.

P.P.S. If you need to take some action, these five $$ spreadsheets might help. Download the one you think will help you the most and start rockin’!!

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