Make Debt Your B!TCH! – October Money Challenge


debt snowball spreadsheet - how do i money - monthly money challengeSorry for cussing, but I just hate debt so much.

I hate your debt, I hate our debt, I hate all debt… it must go!

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Carrie and I are so close to being debt free I can smell it. We’ve only got about $6K left (Student loans). It should be gone within 6 months. I can not wait until we are debt free.

WARNING: Don’t skip over this challenge even if you feel like you have your debt payments in order. I want to challenge you to take another look, pay off your debt faster, and guard against ever going into debt again.

If you are comfortable with your debt payments THATS A BAD THING. It means you aren’t kicking enough ass. It needs to hurt a little or you aren’t doing as good as you could be.

The challenge….

  • Have a plan: Randomly paying off your debt won’t work very well. Create a plan and stick to it as best you can. (Download the debt snowball spreadsheet at the bottom of this post if you need to.)
  • Take another look: If you already have a plan can you do better? Can you pay off your debt faster? I bet you can. I challenge you to make at least one improvement to your already existing plan.
  • Avoid debt in the future: Do you have an emergency fund? Are you in danger of going back into debt? If so, what is your plan for avoiding debt in the future?
  • Plan a celebration!!! When you are debt free, what are you going to do to celebrate?

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Easy Debt Snowball Spreadsheet










Simple Monthly Budget Spreadsheet










Go get ’em tiger!!!


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