Let me YouTube that for you, you idiot.

how do i money let me youtube that for you

The washer dryer in our Townhouse was left by the previous tenant. (Thanks!)

After one load I had an idea as to why.

The washer started banging against the dryer like they were trying to make baby washer/dryers.

My first thought was, “Crap, $200 for a new washer on Craigslist. Sucks to be me!”

But it was my cheapness that saved the day.

What if I could fix the damn thing? That would save some money!

On a scale of idiot to DIY expert… I’m an idiot. I definitely did not inherit that part of my Dad’s DNA, the part where he can fix anything.

YouTube to the rescue!

I searched something brilliant like “washing machine banging”.

The first couple videos taught me about springs and stabilizers.

I learned enough to open up the washing machine and have a looksy.

You gotta be blind to not notice the spring that was hanging there loose not connected to anything.

Gee, maybe that spring has something to do with all the banging around?

I searched YouTube for something brilliant like “washing machine spring“.

Bingo. Now over to Amazon where the spring was like $1.50.

The washing machine has left the dryer alone ever since! Success!

Why tell this story?

My first reaction is ALWAYS to just buy another one. Always.

But (thanks to my cheapness frugal ways) I’ve had a few wins in the past year that have saved me over a thousand dollars.

  • A/C on our car wasn’t working. My first thought was to just take it in and spend at least $100 getting it fixed. Then the cheapness saved the day… YouTubed how to balance the pressure and was able to fix it for about $30.
  • Car over heated a few months later. Radiator fluid was low but after filling it the car over heated again the next day. YouTube saved the day with a video on how to do a radiator flush. (Saved around $100?, not really sure.)
  • The furnace in our travel trailer came on and would stay on. First thought was to call the mobile repairman who has a minimum $65 charge plus like $99/hour plus parts. I also thought we would need a new furnace which are around $400. YouTube to the rescue! I learned that you should start by replacing the thermostat. BOOM! $15 later we were in business!
  • Power went out on half the outlets in the same travel trailer. This one scared me because I thought there must be some problem with the electrical wiring system and would cause a freakin’ fire. YouTube knew better. I learned about GFCI outlets and after screwing in a wire that came lose we were back baby! $0.00!

These examples alone add up to around $1000 in “savings”. (It’s not really savings though, bro.)

Let’s do some fun-learnin’!

Here’s the point.

For a guy like me who has very little handyman skills, YouTube is a life saver. And a money saver!!!

You can literally watch someone show you step by step how to fix anything. Seriously, think about that. You don’t need to know anything. Just watch and do.


And once you have a few wins fixing things around the house (and car) it starts to get better. I’m starting to see it as a fun challenge to fix things myself. The results are cool too. Save money, learn something new, actually use your brain, feel manly.

You have to train yourself to think, “I bet I can learn how to fix this on YouTube” before you think, “Crap! Now I gotta buy a new car ’cause the tire is flat!”

So next time your lamp makes a pop! and goes dark and you think, “Now I gotta buy another lamp!”…  Just YouTube How to change a light bulb. And save the $50. (This video is actually pretty funny.) 😉

Now I just need to learn how to sew on a button and I’ll have like 5 new shirts and 1 new pair of shorts!

How about you? Learnin’ anything on YouTube?



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