2017 plan for debt, giving, income, and net worth. (December Monthly Challenge)

List your goals for 2017 in the following areas and how you plan on achieving them.

You can give specific numbers or be general if you want.

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Here’s our 2017 goals:

  • Debt: 100% debt free. We should have our 2 students loans GONE by the end of December. Caught up on last years taxes by either the end of Dec or Jan. (At this point we will be debt free but still a little behind on 2016 taxes. We should be all caught up on that by April.)
  • Giving: Our goal for 2017 is $300/mo to our church (up from $250/mo for the past several years) And to continue “random” giving of around $50/mo to things like Go Fund me accounts and other giving opportunities that we feel the need to give to.
  • Income: Double it. That’s a pretty big goal but that’s the point. We want to think BIG so our actions follow. If we don’t reach this goal it’s okay, this is a goal that is supposed to make us think and act in BIG ways. Actually reaching this goal isn’t really the point. The point is to TRY to reach it.
  • Net Worth: Increase by at least $15,000.

What are your goals and how do you plan on reaching them?



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