What happened to Derek and Carrie?????????

Nothing happened. Well, something happened.

Actually, a LOT happened.

Let me explain.

First… Yes we are still happily married!  I’ve had people drop hits asking if everything is okay, haha. Yes, everything is okay! (We are even expecting baby #2 in Jan 2017!)

Here’s what happened… Carrie’s voice acting career took off like a rocket in 2016 and she just doesn’t have the time to be so involved in the money blogging and podcasting stuff anymore. (She does still appear on the new podcast every other episode. Oh, and she has her own podcast now too!)

I used this opportunity to start How Do I Money and continue to write and talk about money.

That’s the short version.

We would looooove to have you along for this new adventure.

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-Derek, Carrie, The Original Baby Beebs and Baby #2.


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